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Dog Eat What?

When Kenny arrived from Boonville, MO, at 11 weeks-old, strict instructions were given to us on how to care for him – from food to eat, snacks to give and water to drink. I paid special attention, as I wanted to make the transition into his new home as smooth as possible. With direction to feed him Iams ‘dry,’ he ate that religiously for six months. I often wondered if he were getting bored because his bowl would be full for long periods of the day. After a week of observation, I started to research some alternatives. While Iams may be a great product for some, aside from cooking for him everyday, like some of my dog-owning neighbors (lol!)
I knew his puppy palate was looking for something else.

Grammy's Pot Pie

The first change we made was to Merrick brand dog food. We tried both the wet Grammy’s Pot Pie and also the dry. I followed the rule of adding a bit of the new into his old and then phasing out completely. Kenny seemed to like this and we carried on for about three months. I thought the wet was a tasty change with the complementary dry and then it happened again – bowl full. Not eating.

Spot's Stew

Next up? Halo brand’s Spot’s Stew was recommended by Petco staff and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul – because my Dad’s Pom/Maltese – Sasha- eats this, and Kenny helped himself to her bowl around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Once we got back home, the challenge was looking for stores that sold Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul. The one bag that I bought went far, but soon to the wayside. It has now been close to eight months and we are still going strong with Halo’s Spot’s Stew in chicken and sometimes, salmon.

Zuke's Mini Naturals

Concerning treats, we tried several types of snacks/biscuits but our faves are Zukes’ mini naturals (which is how Ken was “click” trained) and Old Mother Hubbard’s all natural biscuits, cheese and oatmeal flavors (he’s over these). Currently I do indulge him with a creme sandwich cookie from Petco and a piece of roast chicken, on occasion.

Bottom line? We don’t eat the same thing everyday, why should we expect our dogs to do the same? Pay attention to your Dog’s behavior. In this case, their actions will speak louder than words.