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Website to go LIVE by September 30th

I attended a street fair last Sunday in NYC on the West Side Highway. What a beautiful day it was and all of the doggies were out!
I started to feel more anxious than ever to get my site up and running – and ready for the cool weather. I will use that time to reach out to all my potential Clients and gear up for the Spring and Summer seasons of 2010. These last few weeks I have spent a lot of time researching and developing Kenny’s Closet. I anticipate lots of feedback and support from the NYC tri-state community.

To comment on the Hackensack, NJ Paul Mitchell VIP (Very Important Pet) Event, I think the purpose was to raise money for a local animal shelter and possibly to generate excitement about John Paul Pet Products. Neither were executed well. I thought it would have been more pet focused, I only stayed for a moment.