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Make Space for These New Fashion Finds!

This past summer I attended PET FASHION WEEK NY and just like last year, I continue to be amazed (not surprised) by all of the incredible brands and owners who have really dedicated themselves to the industry. As I made my way through, I came across some great new lines who were offering us outfits that are reminiscent of our toddler years, retro gear that will remind you of your rebel years and those who really want to make a high-end fashion statement. Here are some of my faves:

From the Gloire Collection

First up is Mochi & Jolie ( Their knitwear collection is unique because it is made with Bamboo, a renewable resource. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Another great mention? When the bamboo yarn is not mixed with unnatural fibers, it is biodegradable. I love their sweaters and the price points are perfect.

Next is Bling Bone ( With Beth Ostrosky-Stern (radio legend, Howard Stern’s wife) as their celebrity spokesperson, this high-end fine jeweler makes incredible necklaces for both dog and owner. I also fell in love with their one-of-a kind recycled and hand-painted dog carriers from Brazil. Definitely a splurge purchase, but absolutely beautiful and perfect for those that take their little ones out all the time (Rumor: you could possibly use the carrier on the airplane.

Bling Bone Carrier

For the rocker doggie or nostalgic owner, Black Baron kingdom apparel ( is just what you’re looking for in terms of one-of-a-kind items. From high school varsity jackets, to London Fog raincoats and 1970 concert memorabilia Ts, your pooch will be front and center with one of these originals.

Upper West Side Collection Autumn Collar

Finally for some stand-out collars and leash combos, check out Kane & Couture ( What are their specialties? For once, great pieces made for the boys and for our larger breeds. As their bio says “…lets doggies have style too! For teacup and tyrannosaurus, fly boys and stylish bitches.” Nuff said.

For those that are new to my blog, welcome! Each week I will offer up style-based suggestions and new findings, as well as things Kenny and I have run into and participate in and around the tri-State of NY/NJ/CT. Be sure to visit our site:, follow us on Twitter and friend / like our page on Facebook. All keyword: kennyscloset.

Until next time…


Kenny’s going on vacation…

Look for an update next Wednesday, August 4th.

Kenny and his Cronies

Dog walks used to be a time for me to serve as reflection and subsequent action plans for the day and future… however, Kenny has changed all that, by dictating his direction of travel and friends.

Each outing now is usually determined by him as he looks forward to smelling the freshly sprinkler-ed grass in front of the building, without leaving his mark of course, sorry flowers.

Kenny and his buddy, Owen

Next he likes to direct me to the driveway (so smart) so that we can go across the street to say hi to his buddies: Owen, a standard Poodle, and Lucy and Brooklyn, the Labs. Trio, the Shih Tzu – is not impressed with his youthful spirit, so we say hello from afar, – but Kingston, an adorable Yorkie (aren’t they all?) and our new long-haired chihuahua friend welcome his ‘what’s up bark,’ and wagging tail.

To expand his horizons, we visit Central and Riverside Drive Parks in NYC and in Leonia, NJ, we take a trip over to Overpeck Park, where we steer clear of the dog park, but instead greet the comers and goers as we play catch in the open field.

I say all of this to say switching up your dog’s environment as well as keeping them in touch with other dogs is important for both their temperament and social skills. Of course, before you approach, make sure you ask if a potential pooch is friendly… This course allows you the opportunity to meet other dog owners and network. I’ve gotten great restaurant recommendations as well as who is the best groomer in town by letting Kenny take the lead.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles? We’ll take the latter.

The more I think about it, our Summer travels are primarily road trips. Maybe it’s because we tend to drive South to go to the Outer Banks (NC), at least twice a year, or up North with a trip to Martha’s Vineyard or somewhere in the New England area. Last year we missed out on a few Caribbean trips so if there is time left this Summer, we may take one final trip that involves flying – where in that case Kenny will board with his groomer or a family friend. It has become apparent that when traveling with Kenny it is ideal that we travel by car b/c it is the least expensive and for us, more comfortable.

So starting with our Memorial Day weekend trip down to the Virginia Beach/Outer Banks area, I was challenged to search for a nice hotel that accommodates and/or welcomes pets. I hit the jackpot in Chesapeake with W Hotels’ newest ‘vision’ line – Aloft.

Aloft Hotel - Chesapeake

Aloft Chesapeake is a bold new hotel featuring loft-inspired designs in Virginia’s vibrant Hampton Roads region. We tend to stay in between VA Beach and the Outer Banks so that we are able to enjoy the boardwalk of VA Beach and both beachfronts and with the pet policy (they are welcome with no extra fees) we are loving this hotel!

My 2 cents? The Aloft Chesapeake is absolutely perfect for us dog owners! A very cool hotel with the “W” feel. Our dogs are treated as guests with their own treats, upon arrival, substantial walking grounds all around and poo bag dispensers on property. As for us? Aloft is located near the Greenbriar Mall, the yummy Joe’s Crab Shack (get the crab nachos), has decent sized rooms and great Bliss products in the bathroom!

2010 Brings New Opportunities for Kenny’s Closet

With less than 10 minutes before the start of a new decade, we here at Kenny’s Closet look to bring you exciting and cost efficient alternatives to pamper your dog in the finest clothing and extraordinary pet accessories next year and beyond!

We will continue to update the blog, but only when we have useful information that can help you make smart purchasing and fashion decisions for your pet. We will also share our news of upcoming events and of shelters/adoption agencies that may need our help/support.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for your support of Kenny’s Closet!

Final Revisions – Launch is Monday, October 4th!

So I’ve finally read and re-read the Site today for the last time. I suppose and trust that all who visit, will be kind enough to point out any glaring errors that you see… after all, it does take a village ;o)

I am so excited and hope that all who shop at Kenny’s Closet will appreciate all of the hard work and effort I plan to bring to this new venture. I am anxious to see how KC is received in the world and determined to make sure that it becomes just as synonomous with fine and exceptional dog clothing and accessories as Victoria Secret is with lingerie and underwear.

Please stay tuned and check-in as often as you can… Happy Birthday Kenny’s Closet!

Website to go LIVE by September 30th

I attended a street fair last Sunday in NYC on the West Side Highway. What a beautiful day it was and all of the doggies were out!
I started to feel more anxious than ever to get my site up and running – and ready for the cool weather. I will use that time to reach out to all my potential Clients and gear up for the Spring and Summer seasons of 2010. These last few weeks I have spent a lot of time researching and developing Kenny’s Closet. I anticipate lots of feedback and support from the NYC tri-state community.

To comment on the Hackensack, NJ Paul Mitchell VIP (Very Important Pet) Event, I think the purpose was to raise money for a local animal shelter and possibly to generate excitement about John Paul Pet Products. Neither were executed well. I thought it would have been more pet focused, I only stayed for a moment.