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These aren’t your ordinary poop bags, dog beds and placemats… these are must-haves!

Always looking to share with you all the best of what the world has to offer for your furry family member, I’ve come across three items that are sure to be top considerations.

Olive Poop Bags

Recycling your plastics, cardboard and cans is a great way to help protect the environment, but when our dogs go outside and we pick up after them, those supermarket or traditional poo plastic bags are more than likely being dumped in a landfill to serve out their last days/years. Enter Olive Poop Bags. Made naturally from GM-free corn starch and vegetable oil, bags are certified 100% biodegradable and compost in as little as 40 days. Poop and parcel can be buried for micro-organisms to consume or combined with communities that compost biodegradable waste. What a fantastic idea and another save the earth effort. Pricing starts at $12.99 for 50 bags.

Tuck Me In Dog Bed

Continuing on the eco-friendly train, next stop are these adorable dog beds by P.L.A.Y. making sure our pet child gets a good night sleep is important, but in style? The Tuck Me In line of beds are super cute, fashionable and come in two sizes and colors. P.L.A.Y give you the option of buying just the bed or purchasing the entire set of bed and cover. Pricing starts at $95.

Rodeo Dog Place Mat

Tired of the plastic covered, rubber lined dog placemat offerings? While they are cute, some are just too whimsical for my taste. Check out the Rodeo Pet Mat certain to compliment anyone’s kitchen or dog area. Place pooches’ food and water bowl on this easy to clean woven vinyl mat and bon appetit! Pricing for mats start at $35.


Inquiring minds want to know…

Kenny’s Closet is featured in a Blog!

Check out our shout-out on Billy Hendrix’s blog on

Also, great tips on shopping for your Pooch. Some of Kenny’s faves are on here…

Is the word “budget” in a savvy dog shopper’s vocabulary?!

I am a savvy shopper for myself and tend to walk into high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and go straight to the sale racks. However, even during these tough economic times, this option has still not presented itself for our doggies. Studies have shown, that this market segment still fares well.

For this winter season, Kenny and I shopped at Canine Styles in NYC for his winter gear. I bought him a navy blue parka w/fur hood as well as a brown cable knit "Nantucket" sweater. Total cost? About $160. What's interesting about this experience is that the store was FULL. Does anyone understand (including myself) that we need to scale down, just a little?

I have come to the conclusion that my purchase is nothing but a 'pay-it-forward,' for someone else's dog, next year. I do intend to re-sell this parka and use those proceeds to buy something else because that is exactly what Kenny's's goal is… to seek out these designer duds for you, that have been gently worn, yet because of its high-end and luxurious origin is able to be enjoyed, a second time around.

Kenny's has new arrivals! Check us out and let us know your thoughts.

Until next time…

Shopping for Pets? Yes, Even in a Recession.

In what seems to be the topic of the day, the state of the economy, I still have not scaled back on two extracurricular activities that tend to be the big spenders of my budget. The first is eating out and the second – buying Kenny high-end dog clothes.

So, I began to wonder… am I the only one out here that is still spending a considerable amount of cash on their pet? Well, I did some research and ‘not’ to my surprise found an interesting article that reports on just how many folks out here are still shopping and splurging on their dogs, just like me, despite “the recession.”

The article mentions that food and hospitality are the top earners. Those who produce and supply organic and diet foods, and those businesses that are able to provide overnight and day care, look to be the top reapers this year. What also amazed me is that the overall pet industry is expected to see a small increase in total revenue, from last year.

What they fail to mention is exactly how much is being spent on dog apparel and accessories, which makes Kenny’s Closet an affordable alternative, especially if this is becoming a cost challenge for those who are used to providing their dogs with pricey sweaters and premium accessories. While I am hopeful that there will be a rebound in 2010, it appears that the pet industry is still going strong. Read more below. Until next time… Don’t let your gently-used dog clothes sit at home, SELL THEM at Kenny’s Closet!

According to an LA Times blog (, pet grooming and boarding businesses are expecting to reap in $2.69 billion this year. Pet food producers will make over $15 billion, buoyed on by an increase in demand for premium pet foods, including organic and special diet goods. All told, the pet industry is expected to generate $51.6 billion in 2009, up 1.3 percent from last year.

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Final Revisions – Launch is Monday, October 4th!

So I’ve finally read and re-read the Site today for the last time. I suppose and trust that all who visit, will be kind enough to point out any glaring errors that you see… after all, it does take a village ;o)

I am so excited and hope that all who shop at Kenny’s Closet will appreciate all of the hard work and effort I plan to bring to this new venture. I am anxious to see how KC is received in the world and determined to make sure that it becomes just as synonomous with fine and exceptional dog clothing and accessories as Victoria Secret is with lingerie and underwear.

Please stay tuned and check-in as often as you can… Happy Birthday Kenny’s Closet!

Pet Fashion Week was Awesome!

To say the least. I was incredibly impressed (albeit I wasn’t sure what to expect, attending my first Show) with the apparel and products that were shown last weekend in NYC’s Metropolitan Pavillion. I came in contact with some fabulous clothing designers… Oscar Newman, Romy and Jacob and Canine Styles – these were mytop 3 as far as clothing. When it came to collars and accessories, I really liked Bella Bean Couture because finally someone cares about the boy doggies>For toys and gifts: Simply Fido because their toys are organic and Arf Dog has awesome specialty gift-boxes that can accommodate any occasion. Whether it’s a fgift for a new puppy, sleepovers (complete with robes!), time for the beach or even a spa – Arf Dog has it covered!

I got some great advice on how to start my business, from actual business owners in the game – and that (plus incredible parking spaces) really made the whole trip to Midtown worthwhile!

As a marketer, I am always interested in the competitive set, so I did grab up Pet Age, Modern Dog and Fido. Some interesting articles, I am starting to sign-up for a few of their newsletters, so that I can stay on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry.

To say the least, I am still very excited about this new venture and intend to keep you all informed as I go along. The next big event is a VIP (Very Important Pet) fundraiser out here in Hackensack, NJ. I think I may actually take Kenny to this one…

Stay tuned!