Riding in Cars with Dogs

Kenny loves to ride shotgun. If he isn’t able to sit in the passenger seat, then he is standing, on the middle armrest – as if he is steering a ship, but is that safe? Definitely not.

Lookout SUV Seat

One stop too short could send my precious pooch flying through the windshield and that is not an exaggeration, so I’ve been looking into a car harness or a car seat, for him to enjoy his rides in the car safely. Here are my top choices, take a look and be sure to give me your feedback on these brands…

Brookstoneoffers a console seat, perfect for small dogs under 5lbs, that fits between the front driver’s bucket seat and the passenger seat. Ideal for those smaller pups that need to be close to their owner. Pricing starts at $36

For those that have a SUV, they say this will fit nicely between the front (or rear) seat and your canine cutie will love the comfy security of this new hi-back car seat. Pricing for the Microsuede Console SUV High-Back starts at $99.99

Lookout Perch Car Seat

Lookout Perch Car Seat-Full Bench
Finally someone thinking of the larger dog, this lookout perch bench allows your dog his personal space to relax while riding in the car. Machine washable, making this a keeper for road trips and beyond. Pricing starts at $139.99

Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat

A window seat please!
TheKurgobrand makes great car seats, for dogs up to 30lbs. I’ve seen this one in person and it allows your dog the opportunity to see outside, from their own window, safely. Pricing starts at $60


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  1. All of our little friends need to be protected while riding in a vehicle, but they also should be protected while out of the house with some dog clothing or dog outfits. They will be protected from weather, insects or anything else that may possibly harm them..


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