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Kenny and his Cronies

Dog walks used to be a time for me to serve as reflection and subsequent action plans for the day and future… however, Kenny has changed all that, by dictating his direction of travel and friends.

Each outing now is usually determined by him as he looks forward to smelling the freshly sprinkler-ed grass in front of the building, without leaving his mark of course, sorry flowers.

Kenny and his buddy, Owen

Next he likes to direct me to the driveway (so smart) so that we can go across the street to say hi to his buddies: Owen, a standard Poodle, and Lucy and Brooklyn, the Labs. Trio, the Shih Tzu – is not impressed with his youthful spirit, so we say hello from afar, – but Kingston, an adorable Yorkie (aren’t they all?) and our new long-haired chihuahua friend welcome his ‘what’s up bark,’ and wagging tail.

To expand his horizons, we visit Central and Riverside Drive Parks in NYC and in Leonia, NJ, we take a trip over to Overpeck Park, where we steer clear of the dog park, but instead greet the comers and goers as we play catch in the open field.

I say all of this to say switching up your dog’s environment as well as keeping them in touch with other dogs is important for both their temperament and social skills. Of course, before you approach, make sure you ask if a potential pooch is friendly… This course allows you the opportunity to meet other dog owners and network. I’ve gotten great restaurant recommendations as well as who is the best groomer in town by letting Kenny take the lead.