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Pet Fashion Week was Awesome!

To say the least. I was incredibly impressed (albeit I wasn’t sure what to expect, attending my first Show) with the apparel and products that were shown last weekend in NYC’s Metropolitan Pavillion. I came in contact with some fabulous clothing designers… Oscar Newman, Romy and Jacob and Canine Styles – these were mytop 3 as far as clothing. When it came to collars and accessories, I really liked Bella Bean Couture because finally someone cares about the boy doggies>For toys and gifts: Simply Fido because their toys are organic and Arf Dog has awesome specialty gift-boxes that can accommodate any occasion. Whether it’s a fgift for a new puppy, sleepovers (complete with robes!), time for the beach or even a spa – Arf Dog has it covered!

I got some great advice on how to start my business, from actual business owners in the game – and that (plus incredible parking spaces) really made the whole trip to Midtown worthwhile!

As a marketer, I am always interested in the competitive set, so I did grab up Pet Age, Modern Dog and Fido. Some interesting articles, I am starting to sign-up for a few of their newsletters, so that I can stay on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry.

To say the least, I am still very excited about this new venture and intend to keep you all informed as I go along. The next big event is a VIP (Very Important Pet) fundraiser out here in Hackensack, NJ. I think I may actually take Kenny to this one…

Stay tuned!


Welcome to Kenny’s Closet!

Dog Apparel & Accessory Consignment Boutique

Dog Apparel & Accessory Consignment Boutique

Yesterday was the day, as the legendary Fred Sanford would say “this is the big one Elizabeth!” I finally figured out what my Plan B would look like and how I would make it become my Plan A – that is working for MYSELF.

Since the arrival of my beautiful son/puppy Schnoodle – Kenny – I have had this fascination with the dog/pet industry and how people really PAY for clothing and accessories.
As fabulous as a lot of it looks, these items are costly; and while we feel that our adorable doggies deserve to look their best, sometimes we just need a ‘deal.’  Kenny has several high-end sweaters (cashmere), down vest/jackets and raincoats that he can’t fit anymore? What do I and other folks whose dogs have outgrown their garments do? I  didn’t have a clue, but as of yesterday, I did. Thus the birth of Kenny’s Closet.

Kenny’s Closet is a consignment shop for dog apparel and accessories.  I want to give all of us dog clothing  and accessory fanatics an opportunity to get some of our money back on these  oftentimes costly pieces. I totally believe there is a market for this and I am well on my way… I’ll keep you posted.

Please check in on me  – I am workinig on a Newsletter so that I can keep you informed of all of the new items that I will have for sale and I will report on what I saw as I attend the upcoming  2009 Pet Fashion Week. in NYC – next week.